Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Added Protection for Subaru Owners

Insurance coverage is one of the top concerns among car buyers. Adequate protection is necessary as one cannot be certain as to what sort of car troubles or accidents drivers may encounter whenever they are out on the road. It is therefore reassuring for owners of Subaru cars that they can get additional protection on top of the standard car insurance policies available.

Known for their commitment to high standards of product quality and business practices, Subaru has specifically designed programs that would ensure greater product protection and safer driving experiences for car owners. Two of these programs are the Subaru Equity Shield™ and the Subaru Advantage Insurance. The Subaru Equity Shield™ is a guaranteed asset protection program, which waives the difference between the fair market value of owners’ Subaru vehicles and their outstanding balance finance through dealerships in case the cars are totaled.

The Subaru Advantage Insurance, on the other hand, is a Liberty Mutual® Insurance product specifically tailored for Subaru cars and their owners. Some of the insurance product’s benefits include a new car replacement scheme in case the Subaru car gets totaled before it reaches two years or 30,000 miles, and discounts for car owners when they purchase Subaru safety features. With such protective features attached with the purchase of Subaru cars, it is not surprising that the company enjoys a healthy number of customers and followers.

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