Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top Reasons to go Diesel

Diesel vehicles didn’t get much love back in the day, but with the seemingly endless trend of rising petrol prices, they seem to be enjoying some sort of Renaissance. Here’s why you shouldn’t pass on them the next time you visit your local car dealer:
They’re quieter and cleaner – If you’ve been put off by the alleged noise and pollution diesel vehicles emit, don’t be anymore. Today’s newer diesel cars are equipped with the newest technologies that use less-polluting diesel fuel, which contains low amounts of sulfur, thereby allowing the engines to run as quietly as possible without spewing choking black smoke all over the place.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking for Used Cars around New Orleans? Consider the Subaru Forester

Dealerships for quality used cars in New Orleans and Covington areas like Baldwin Subaru offer great deals if you want to buy or lease this impeccable SUV. Of course, you can also select the Crosstek, Outback, or other Subaru vehicles if you’re looking for more compact or larger alternatives.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dealerships of Subaru near Baton Rouge Guide You on Good Lease Deals

Aside from being optimally safe, they are versatile, long-lasting, even stylish and fun-to-drive. Dealerships that offer a Subaru near Baton Rouge can attest how sought-after these vehicles are, so they always keep their inventory updated and complete. You might think that the quality of Subaru cars translates to hefty price tags, but in reality, they’re more affordable (typically below $30,000-40,000 new) than other brands.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Subaru in New Orleans: Bagging a Rare Catch the First Time Around

Normally, people think of the more exotic American and foreign marquees when they are asked what comes to mind upon mention of the word “sports car.” Oftentimes, acceleration and high speeds are the best attributes they want in searching for one. Still, some sports car enthusiasts just want a special steed that goes toe-to-toe with others in its weight class and handles well—one that sellers of a Subaru near New Orleans like Baldwin Subaru may be waiting for you to drive home.

Six Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car

A used car is a practical choice for fresh graduates who are just starting their careers, and for families who have somewhere else to invest their funds in. Below are reasons why a used car is a great investment:
  1. Sturdier. Recent used models have proven their durability without suffering from exhaust-system, rust, transmission and engine problems. With more regular maintenance, these can go even farther than 100,000 miles without needing major repairs.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Used Cars around Baton Rouge Are Full, Fashionable Fun for Everyone

The state of your finances will truly factor into looking up used cars in the Baton Rouge area that have long-lasting value. Household income data from Subaru of America (SOA) showed that, on average, Subie owners had salaries topping $100,000, while the lowest average income of users from other brands was $80,000. Wayland quoted SOA senior vice-president for sales Jeffrey Walters as saying that a marketing campaign launched in 2008 won over people who were able to buy more expensive vehicles.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Are You Driving a Dog-Approved Car?

Dogs are family, too! If you have a furry and cuddly companion, then you know that this statement is spot on. Many Baton Rouge dog owners care about their pets as much as they care for their children; for those who don’t have kids, these creatures are treated as best friends and genuine loved ones. Everything is more fun when they’re around, whether it’s going to the park, the store, the beach, or a two-hour drive to the best hiking trail in the area.

Friday, December 19, 2014

All-Wheel Drive versus 4-Wheel Drive

Most folks would like to get the most out of their vehicles but do not really have the information they need to do so. And with so many variants available today, it only makes decision-making all the more confusing. Among the usual cause of this confusion would be the All-wheel drive (AWD) and 4-wheel drive (4WD). In a nutshell, both work all four wheels of the vehicle, but the difference is that while this is a fixed feature for AWDs, it is optional for the 4WD.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Checking a Used Car before Purchase

Now that you've chosen the car you want, it may seem like all you need to do is to pay the used car dealer and drive off into the sunset. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as all that. You need to check the quality of the used car before you put down your money. Here's a simple guide to ensure that you've got a good buy:
  • Start with the exterior. When making the final check, start from the outside. Chips and dents should be noticeable on the exterior; they may be cosmetic in nature, but that doesn't mean you don't want to fix them. The tires and windshields should be the priority, though. Inspect them for cracks or leaks and take note of what needs to be replaced.

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Glimpse of Subaru’s Big Future

Subaru has been a vehicle of choice for many Americans since its introduction in 1968. The brawny sedan provided a safe and fast journey for interstate travelers. Several decades later, Subaru car dealerships and elsewhere find themselves selling autos that cater to practically all types of motorists.

Selling like Subarus

2014 has been kind to the auto maker. The company’s sales are predicted to reach half a million vehicles. Subaru officials point out timely product offerings and pricing as well as a strong dealer representation as their success factors. Dealers can attest to this as more and more motorists continue to show interest in what Subaru has to offer.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Subaru: One of the Safest Vehicles

Before a new car model becomes available on the market, it undergoes a series of safety tests to ensure the safety of the passengers in case of a mishap. The agency responsible for conducting these tests is the International Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), which routinely evaluates automobiles and provides safety assessments for the motoring public. Recently, all seven models from Subaru passed IIHS testing for the fifth year in a row, making it the most reliable automobile maker in the market.

Recipe for safety

Subaru has always been big on collision protection since the 1960s. It is the only car manufacturer to incorporate crash safety features into its specifications, long before other brands started to do so. It began with increasing cabin rigidity which can absorb impacts from all directions.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Prices of New and Used Cars in New Orleans

Used car prices in New Orleans continue to plummet. It’s been several straight months of dropping as the economy of the city surges. This could be bad news for new car buyers, as auto makers are forced to offer lower lease prices and raise the costs of new vehicles.

The price is not right

In simpler terms, if pre-owned cars are not in demand, car companies will lose money since they are forced to spend on promos that offer lower lease prices. To make up for the loss, they inevitably jack up the prices of brand new vehicles.

The Subaru Outback is for The Outdoorsman in You

The Subaru Outback is great on the roads, but it’s even better off the beaten track. Designed to cater to outdoors enthusiasts, the vehicle has a lot to offer to drivers who decide to go off the path well taken. Lousiana’s Bayou country offers numerous options to go on the dirt trail and bring your loved ones along for the ride.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Changes on the Horizon: Time to Buy a Subaru

If you’re on the fence on buying a Subaru car, then the changes coming should get you off that indecision. The developments stem from Subaru’s “Prominence 2020” master plan, with the main goal being to increase product output and quality while reducing costs. Subaru insiders further hinted that there are newly developed technologies to be incorporated in their next-generation engines and vehicle designs. Subaru’s entire line is marked for the change.

The 2014 Subaru Legacy: A Hidden Jewel

If you’re in the market for a used car, you can do far worse than the 2014 Subaru Legacy. With the market prices for used vehicles going down, the model represents an excellent deal. A leading used-car price tracking company noted that prices for used cars as of August 2014 were at their fourth consecutive month of decline, and an economic rebound points to higher demand for vehicles.

A closer look at the Legacy’s specs is warranted if your plans for the vehicle involve taking your loved ones around. Legacies manufactured in 2014 boast of spacious interiors, wide windows with minimal blind spots, and heated seats, particularly in the upper trims like the 3.6R Limited. Larger cargo space, adjustable seating, and armrests also add to the breathing room.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Covington, LA Car Dealerships Tout Subaru's Successful AWD System

Whatever you choose, rest assured that Subaru's successful AWD will keep you safe on the road, especially Louisiana's roads. The I-10 and I-12 specifically, both passing through Baton Rouge, are accident areas mainly due to their designs. Subaru cars in many car dealerships in Covington, LA like Baldwin Subaru will surely be put to the test, but certainly nothing they can't handle.

Friday, November 7, 2014

What to Consider When Buying a Car for Your Teen

If your teenager has recently turned 16, he or she may have been dropping hints about buying a car. Of course, you have no obligation to purchase a car for your son or daughter, but it is a nice gesture of trust between you and your teen. In the event that you make the decision to purchase a car, here are a few factors to consider:

Want the Safest AWD Vehicle? Head to a Gulfport, MS Subaru Dealership

This is a remarkable feat, since the Legacy is the only AWD sedan competing with other top brands, like the Honda Accord LX and the Ford Fusion FE, at the moment. Still, the accolades that the Legacy has been receiving for quite some time now should be enough to motivate buyers to head to a dealership for Subaru near Gulfport, MS or a similar establishment operated by Baldwin Subaru. In fact, the Legacy is arguably the safest sedan in the world, thanks in part to the upgrades Subaru has been adding to it since 2005, like better airbags, suspension, and drive system.

Car Smarts: Why Buying a Subaru Is a Great Choice

Considering the many car makers and models available on the U.S. market, it’s fascinating that Subaru has become a brand of choice. It may not seem that way with its low market share, but many independent reviewers of automobiles regard them as some of the best cars on the market. Here’s a few reasons why:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What’s the Best Car for Savings-Savvy Moms?

Mothers do know best. They are the ones who know first-hand how much of a challenge it can be to manage a household while keeping everyone happy and safe. Mothers who live in New Orleans and surrounding areas know that having your own car is an absolute necessity, but brand-new ones can seem to be too big a purchase when put beside other expenses.

No Lemon Law Coverage for Used Cars in New Orleans Means More Caution

Actually, there is a Lemon Law that covers used cars, but it is only recognized in a very limited number of states, specifically in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York. So for buyers of used cars in New Orleans and elsewhere, they could either do business with a reputable used car dealer like Baldwin Subaru, or take time to do some information gathering themselves to protect against lemon cars.

Added Protection for Subaru Owners

Insurance coverage is one of the top concerns among car buyers. Adequate protection is necessary as one cannot be certain as to what sort of car troubles or accidents drivers may encounter whenever they are out on the road. It is therefore reassuring for owners of Subaru cars that they can get additional protection on top of the standard car insurance policies available.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Benefits of All-Wheel Drive

Subaru is one of the few auto manufacturers that went all-in on all-wheel drive. That’s right, all vehicles in its North American line come with all-wheel drive as standard.
What benefits does this system offer to drivers? Below are a few:

A New Car on a Tight Budget

Buying a new car is one of the most expensive investments people make outside of home ownership. Given that a new car can be expected to run for the next couple of years without any major hiccups, such a purchase is often the most desirable and sensible way to go.

However, buying a new vehicle isn’t always a viable choice, especially if you’re already running your day-to-day overhead on a tight budget. If cost is a major concern of yours, it is actually possible to buy a good-as-new car for much less than its original off-the-factory price.

Subaru Baton Rouge and Other Dealers Yielded Great September Numbers

Thanks to the ballooning sales and transaction prices, the industry is projecting a year-end sales figure of about $407 billion. This will be, by far, the highest grossing year for Subaru dealerships in the Baton Rouge area, like Baldwin Subaru and the rest of the region. What this implies is that a significant number of people are going for the Subaru cars, not only because of its proven quality, but also because of its popular affordability-especially with the right dealers helping you make the purchase.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Going for Off-Road Power at a Reliable New Orleans Subaru Dealership

The thought of owning a highly-versatile vehicle may pull in hardened outdoorspeople in Louisiana. The state has a good mix of swampland in the coast and prairie woodlands well to the north, which may be appropriate for a good off-road platform. If you are looking around for a wonderfully mobile SUV such as the XV Crosstrek Hybrid, why not check out dealers that sell a Subaru around New Orleans like Baldwin Subaru?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Finding Good, Safe Rigs from Sellers of Used Cars near Baton Rouge, LA

The news comes as the market is still witnessing more slashes in used-car prices. A leading auto analysis company claimed that dealerships were reporting slight increases in their used-car inventories as of September 2014; some were turned in at the tail end of a years-long lease as economic conditions improved. If you think that a new car is still a bit above your price range and you're willing to settle with a pre-owned unit that will keep you and your loved ones safe, a dealership that offers used cars around Baton Rouge, LA, like Baldwin Subaru, can help find the right unit for you.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Subaru Car Dealerships in Covington, LA Look Forward to a Good Year

According to established Covington, LA car dealerships, the Crosstrek XV, a new Legacy, a new Outback, and the new WRX are some of the higher-selling models. With appealing designs and dependable technology, Subaru has managed to hold its own against segment leaders such as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. In the compact division, the Subaru Impreza trumps the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic with its standard all-wheel drive.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Safest Vehicles from the Best Dealer of Subaru in Gulfport, MS

The design team uses advanced computer imagery to create impact simulations. Once a prototype has been built, a real crash assessment is conducted in Subaru's testing facilities, and the results are integrated into the prototype's finalization. Subaru dealerships serving Gulfport, MS, like Baldwin Subaru, guarantee the 2015 lineup of vehicles will be just as safe (if not safer) than before. Motorists can be assured that the BRZ, Impreza, WRX/STI, XV Crosstrek, Forester, Legacy and Outback models are among the safest on America's roads.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Prices of Used Cars in New Orleans Drops, Making New Cars More Costly

Buyers of used cars in New Orleans enjoy a distinct advantage now that lease prices have dropped. There's no better time to consult dealerships like Baldwin Subaru who have an extensive inventory of preowned vehicles, which includes more than just Subaru models. Since they are dealer-maintained, there is no more guesswork regarding the vehicles' running condition and repairs history. Aside from inspecting it, test driving a vehicle before buying it is a must. Just because it is preowned doesn't mean it can't perform like a new model. Remain alert during the drive for unfamiliar noises while paying attention to how the engine sounds during acceleration and climbing hills.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Leaning Towards Buying a Sturdy Subaru around the Baton Rouge Area

A new Rear Vehicle Detection System reduces the danger of traffic blind spots and also warns the driver against shifting lanes in fast traffic to prevent potential accidents. If you're taking some friends or family out for a spin in the woods, an Outback sourced through a Baton Rouge Subaru area dealer may do the trick. It may be time to start something new.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

One Engine, One Technology to Power Your New Subaru in New Orleans

The prospect of positive changes can almost ring true with motorists in New Orleans. There are clubs of Subaru drivers in the Bayou State and even non-members would want to keep abreast of the latest developments out of Japan. If you are going for a new car that exudes grace, comfort, and power, why not go for it through leading dealerships like Baldwin Subaru near New Orleans? The developments in Kurylko's report stems from Subaru's ""Prominence 2020"" master plan, with the main goal being to increase product output and quality while reducing costs.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Subaru Forester: Should You Buy New or Used?

If you want to buy a compact SUV, consider the Subaru Forester. The easy handling, comprehensive safety features, and the sleek, sporty, and utilitarian traits of the Forester make it a prime choice for both city driving and even the occasional off-roading.

The question is: should you buy it new or used? Will there be great differences between a new Forester and a pre-owned unit, especially when it comes to costs and performance? Which suits you better? Here are some points to consider: 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Finding a Rare Gem When on the Market for Used Cars near Baton Rouge

The recent version of the Legacy may be one of the items to look out for in a time when market prices for used vehicles are seeing cheaper prices. A leading used-car price tracking company noted that prices for used cars as of August, 2014 were at their fourth consecutive month of decline, and an economic rebound points to higher demand for new vehicles. If you are willing to invest in used cars in Baton Rouge that have not seen much wear and tear like the Subaru Legacy, have a trusted dealership like Baldwin Subaru on your side.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Car Dealerships in Covington, LA Offer Cars with Award-winning Engines

When it comes to choosing cars, one of the first things that experienced motorists look at is the drivetrain, which is a collection of components that drive a vehicle forward. If your car has a good drivetrain, you will get to save on fuel and the car can last longer with minimal maintenance, giving you excellent value for your money. One particular component—perhaps the most essential—of a drivetrain is the engine. Your driving experience depends greatly on your car engine’s performance. In fact, even the life expectancy of your car depends on the structure of its engine. Subaru car dealerships in Covington, LA rightly tout the car brand’s engine as being one of the best ever designed. Its 2.0L FA DOHC H-4 Boxer recently ranked third on Ward’s 10 Best Engines for good reasons.

The Secret of Subaru’s Success

Historically, Subaru only manages sales which are a mere fraction of its competitors. This year however, the erstwhile auto industry cellar dweller’s numbers have been picking up steadily, making the competition sit up and take notice.

Record year

As of August, 2014, Subaru sales are up 18.6% which is well-ahead of the industry’s 5.1% gain. In other words, the Subaru brand is doing better than the auto industry in general. Officials have touted 2014 as another record year for the company.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Trading In Your Subaru in Gulfport, MS Makes Car Buying More Feasible

A car is among the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life. However, as a car has a limited life expectancy, you will likely have to make that purchase a few times over in the course of several years. While maximizing the lifespan of your vehicle can help reduce the frequency of buying, other needs, such as a growing family, can compel you to do it at some point. Additionally, you may find that buying a new car while your existing one is still in good condition can actually be quite beneficial, particularly if you trade in your existing car to pay off part of the price of a new car. Trading in a used vehicle, such as a reliable Subaru in Gulfport, MS, for a new one is preferred by many buyers because this option saves them a great deal of money. However, this arrangement doesn’t work for everyone. You will have to consider several factors to determine if this makes economic sense for you.

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Little Patience will Pay off for Used Car Buyers

If you’re planning to purchase a pre-owned car, you may want to wait a couple of months. Industry observers have noted that many leases will be expiring, thereby flooding the market with millions of used vehicles. This should effectively bring current used car prices to new lows

New car sales are up

One factor that is driving pre-owned car prices down is the brisk sales of new ones. Given the demand for new cars plus the entry of next year’s models onto the showroom floors, it looks as if car sales will keep climbing until early 2015. Car owners looking to unload their used vehicles will most likely not be able to get the price they want within the next few months. 

Quality Used Cars in New Orleans Have Good Engine and Safety Features

When it’s time to buy a car, you might have to decide between a brand-new and a pre-owned one. While brand-new cars normally have high-performance features and updated technology, they also come with a high price tag that could only prove to be a financial burden down the road. Used cars, on the other hand, may not have all the bells and whistles of a brand-new one but buying one can make better economic sense. Today’s swelling inventory of used cars in New Orleans dealerships and other places are generally not those that have seen the worst of disasters and need to be disposed of, but are from the increasing number of trade-ins done as part of new car purchases. These vehicles’ engines are often in excellent condition, as they have to undergo rigid inspections by dealerships like Baldwin Subaru before any deal can be closed.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Subaru Dealerships Near Baton Rogue Offer Prize Winning Safe Vehicles

Subaru takes the cake again at safety: the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has cited the automaker’s Legacy and Outback models for its Top Safety Pick Plus prize. This recognition reaffirms the brand’s reliability, as it garners the most IIHS Top Safety Pick titles. Cars.com reporter Matt Schmitz writes for USA Today. Baton Rouge Subaru dealerships allow you to better appreciate the 2015 Legacy and Outback as premier vehicle choices for reliability.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Best Things About Buying Used Vehicles

When shopping for a new car, the task of selecting from a wide range of choices can be daunting. You want a vehicle that can safely and efficiently take you from point A to point B, but you don’t want to spend so much on it that your very finances will weep. Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma: used cars! Take a look at the advantages of buying them:


Most used cars come at budget-friendly costs. You can also expect to pay lower registration fees and insurance costs than you would for a new car. With these, used cars are definitely the best friends of practical-minded individuals.

Monday, September 29, 2014

New Orleans Subaru Dealers Tout the Outback as Worthy Off-Road Rival

The 2015 Outback is now available at trusted dealers of Subaru near New Orleans and other areas, such as Baldwin Subaru in Covington. You can choose from four variants: the standard 2.5i, the 2.5i Premium (with a moonroof and GPS navigation), the 2.5i Limited (with keyless access), and the 3.6R Limited (with a 3.6-liter flat-six engine with 256 horsepower). Sometimes, the most exciting part of any road trip is the journey. The Outback will get you there efficiently, safely, and as comfortably as you can get driving over rough terrain. Test drive one from New Orleans Subaru dealerships and others, like Covington’s Baldwin Subaru.

Buying Used Cars in Baton Rouge Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprints

Owning a used car can be more effective in reducing carbon footprints. For one, it saves a car from adding to environmental waste by getting junked; and for another, buying used cars limits the need for the production of new cars. Additionally, most used cars would have already paid off their carbon debt. Even without using hybrids, driving used cars in Baton Rouge and other areas helps reduce the consumption of a significant amount of fuel needed in manufacturing new cars.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Going for a Better Legacy

The Legacy is one of two vehicles motorists can identify with when asked about Subaru vehicles – the other being the Impreza. Already reaping good marks for its family-friendly safety features, Legacies hold their ground against other midsize cars. With the 2015 model hitting the streets, you can be asked on whether to upgrade to that model. Some points can convince you to take a shot with a Subaru in the New Orleans area:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Taking Used Wheels on Test Drives

A pre-owned car can be a backstop option if you do not yet have the money to purchase a brand-new car. Some dealerships that offer used cars in the Baton Rouge area may recommend test driving a certain vehicle you’re eyeing, but how do you go about it? Here are some pointers to help you:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Subaru: The Ideal First Car

Thinking of buying your first car? There are hundreds of brands and models to choose from, but one brand that always stand out in car dealerships when you talk about safety and style is the Subaru.
Subaru may be a little unknown internationally, but it actually has managed to become one of the fastest-selling brand in the automotive industry. Subaru has also surpassed more popular car companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the title ‘best car makers in America,’ according to the popular car magazine Consumer Reports. How did that happen?
The lineup of Subaru is not prestigious and grand compared to other big companies, but the Subaru has managed to gather a following due to its quality and the assurance of safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, for example, has named the entire Subaru lineup as the ‘top safety pick’, a prestigious title a few has ever received.
Subaru cars are also known to be among the most affordable cars in the world with prices ranging from $20,000 to $30,000. No wonder first-time buyers and families love Subaru. They can get quality cars for less the price. Subaru cars are also known to be fuel-efficient. Few car companies can match what Subaru is currently offering.
So the next time you are in a car dealership in your area, ask for a Subaru car. You will not regret it.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Subaru: A Car Born of the Art of Manufacturing

Subaru is an example of a product derived from the marriage of science and art. The brand’s manufacturer, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., reveals that each Subaru car is the result of the collective passion their engineers have for monozukuri (the art of manufacturing) which other companies seem to lack. The manufacturer’s ideals to provide the world with unique automobiles that come with original technology continue to drive dedication among their employees to bring in innovation to the dynamic car industry that often result in memorable driving experiences for the public.

While cars are created as tools of a convenient way for travelling, Subaru cars have given car enthusiasts a lot more than what they expect in an automobile. Subaru has unveiled countless firsts in the industry, including the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive concept that gave them the reputation for durable, reliable, and safe cars. They are also among the first to put in emphasis in advanced crash safety functions to emphasize that driver safety is their concern and priority.

As the world undergoes rapid changes, many car companies will strive to become fast paced on how they want to address varying consumer demands. Subaru, no doubt, will remain a competitive player in the industry, but will also choose to retain their longstanding tradition that making cars is both a science and an art in itself. Despite evolving social conditions that’s gripping the world, fans of the brand can be assured that Subaru cars are always born of the art of manufacturing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to Spot a Lemon Car

Purchasing a used car comes with risks, but all of those can be mitigated with sound inspection and identifying right away the defects you can live with and send out for repair. The risk of ending up with a so-called “lemon” happens when the buyer wasn’t able to spot hidden defects in the vehicle, and is then compelled to spend massive cash for repairs. Here are some tips in spotting a lemon.
Check the reliability record – Models with a good reliability record should always be on the top of any used car buyer’s list. Sites like Consumer Reports have an annual subscriber survey which details real-world reliability information of a specific car model in scrutiny.
Identify flood damage – Once a car has been submerged in floodwater, it is bound to experience further performance issues in the long run. One way to identify flood damage is by inspecting electrical connections for corrosion, or moldy upholstery. A funky cabin smell is also a tell-tale sign, as well as silt underneath the carpets.
Test-drive it on the freeway – Driving a used car fast is often the best way to listen for rattles, as well as identify unwanted gaps between doors and frames. However, buyers should always remember to drive fast in a safe way, or the car won’t be the only wreck at the end of the day.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Buying a Used Car: What to Do before Leaving Home

Buying a used car is a meticulous process. However, it’s definitely worth the time and effort when you come back home with a sweet whip without any faults—and yes, it does happen more often than you think.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your search for a used car begins in the dealership lot. In fact, there are several measures you need to take before you step out of your home. By doing the following, you minimize your chances of driving home a “lemon”:

Do Your Homework

Check out your preferred dealership’s stock of used cars and list down the ones that catch your eye. Afterwards, check online reviews of each model. In particular, check the safety rating each model received from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Check the Weather Report

Take advantage of the 10-day weather forecast and schedule your trip to the dealership during a bright and cheerful day. Don’t underestimate how helpful sunlight is during your visual inspection. At the same time, test driving (you should always test drive a car before buying) is easier when the roads aren’t slippery.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Living in New Orleans: Why You Need to Get a Car

New Orleans is a city of many distinct neighborhoods. Tourists may not mind going around the city’s main attractions and attending annual events like jazz fests and Mardi Gras on foot. However, for residents, it’s not the same case. If residents want to go from one area to another, they would need an efficient car.

There are many areas within the city that can only be accessed via a car, especially if residents wish to comb through the small towns and natural attractions. Residents living in the suburbs, in particular, can’t solely rely on public transport since there are locales that cannot be reached by bus or any other means of mass transit.
Most residents are also aware of what happens to the city when a hurricane hits, making cars essential. A large part of the city is situated below sea level, and while it is surrounded and protected by an extensive system of canals and water pumps, New Orleans, especially some of its suburban areas are still prone to flooding. Many residents are aware of the potential and prolonged flooding problems these hurricanes could cause.

In such cases, residents will be prompted to evacuate before flooding directly hits them. Thus, having a car means having an efficient way to get out of the city during a storm-related evacuation.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Finding an ideal first car for your teen

Most parents have only one thing on their mind once their teenager gets his or her driver’s license: What’s he/she going to drive? Unless they’re willing to share their vehicle, mom and dad need to look for a dependable used car for their youngster. Parents can take a cue from a popular automobile magazine which recently recommended 15 used cars for teenagers.
The cars were selected on the basis of affordability, reliability, and safety. The list includes a good mix of SUVs, compacts, and medium-sized sedans. Some models aren’t what many would typically consider for a first-time driver, but the advanced features of these cars make them easy to handle without sacrificing performance.

One of the recommended vehicles is a 2009-and-up Subaru Forester. Its wide field of vision and all-wheel drive make it safe and easy to drive for inexperienced or new drivers. Standard features include leather trim, keyless entry, cruise control, Bluetooth, rearview camera, sunroof, and navigation, to name a few.

Families who are sold on Subaru used cars in Baton Rouge should consult dealers that exclusively carry the brand. They are in the best position and have the facilities to maintain the vehicle, regardless of age. These dealers can also provide manageable financing, so the youngster can share in the responsibility of paying for the car. When it comes to car ownership, guide your teen on how to start on a good note so he or she is set for life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What to Look Out for from Used Cars in Slidell, LA – Safety Features

"Antilock Brakes Many pre-owned cars come with an antilock brake system (ABS), which, as the name implies, keeps the brakes from locking in case the driver slams on it in panic (which does happen often, especially on busy roads). Passenger cars are typically equipped with a four-wheel ABS, whereas other vehicles like trucks and RVs could have either a two-wheel or four-wheel option. A variety of used cars in Slidell, LA and the nearby areas of Covington, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge are sure to come with safety features or additions that you should check out. At the end of the day, you can never be too careful when driving through weekday traffic or cruising through a winding highway."

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beyond Buying Used Cars in Baton Rouge: Things to Do Post-Purchase

"Insurance Now, surely you don't want the hassle of having to pay for every repair and body work in case you ever get into a collision, so it's best to get your car insured. There are many components of this insurance, such as general liability, personal injury protection, collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. In Louisiana, you are required to have liability coverage with minimum requirements of: $15,000 of bodily injury coverage per person, $30,000 of bodily injury coverage per accident, and $25,000 of property damage coverage. Efficient Baton Rouge used cars from trusted dealerships in or around the area, such as Baldwin Subaru in Covington, can get you just about anywhere you need to go in record time, but don't assume that just because you've signed on the dotted lines, you can simply take your car wherever you want. Take the above steps as precautionary measures against road accidents and legal issues."

Friday, July 11, 2014

Important Pointers to Consider for Trading In Used Cars in New Orleans

"Car Appeal In this regard, it's important that you spruce up your car and give it some much needed maintenance before driving to the dealer's lot. Start by washing the vehicle and cleaning up the interior as well as the exterior. Remove all personal belongings you might have left inside and have some necessary repairs done. If you get your car's value high enough, you should be able to purchase one of the most stylish and reliable used cars in New Orleans. This way, you'll be able to maximize your old investment by utilizing its remaining value to get you a new and affordable ride."

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Your Guide to Buying Used Cars in New Orleans: Things to Double-Check

"Paint or Exterior Issues If the car you're looking into seems to have a spot that's newly-painted or signs of a dent or chips in the exterior, don't hesitate to check this out with your dealership as these indentations may be an indication of body work after a collision or a wreck. Past repairs should have a significant bearing on the overall value of the car. Travel in style without spending too much around The Big Easy with trusty New Orleans used cars from a reliable dealership. Just make sure your purchase isn't more than you bargained for by way of additional repairs or touch-ups. In any case, always set a budget for these without stretching your finances too thin."

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Subaru Forester Rolled Out from Subaru Dealers in New Orleans, LA

The great thing about the Subaru is that it has never veered from its vaunted hallmark of power technology and fuel efficiency. Check out the Forester and other Subaru models at any local New Orleans, LA Subaru dealers or those in Covington and Baton Rouge-areas served by reputable dealerships such as Baldwin Subaru. Whether you opt for new or used vehicles, such a dealership typically offers a great selection of different brands and models, with knowledgeable staff to recommend the right fit for your budget and needs.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Finding the Right Car: Buying at Used Car Dealerships in New Orleans

A car purchase is not as momentous a decision as buying a house, but in terms of monthly expenses, it can get to be just as consequential. If you're on a tight budget, you can even knock down the cost of purchase further by opting for a second-hand car. Several trustworthy car dealerships in New Orleans, and the surrounding areas, offer a wide range of quality used cars to choose from, making it possible for cash-strapped buyers to own a fine car, with many years going for it under the hood.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2015 WRX/STI a Hit in Areas near Subaru Dealerships in New Orleans, LA

Subaru has become a popular car brand in recent years, considering its rather thin but highly praised lineup. The brand is especially preferred by first-time buyers who have, incidentally, managed to propel the brand to the top. If you seek an introduction to the brand, then you might want to head on over to top New Orleans, LA Subaru dealerships that offer a selection of celebrated models including the Forester and Outback-such as Covington's premier auto service center, Baldwin Subaru.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Baton Rouge Car Dealerships Help You with Right Car to Fit your Need

Buying a new car is a major investment for most people. As with any big investment, the choice of selecting the right one can stress you out. As a prospective buyer, have you taken the time to check out the model or make or brand that suits your needs and your lifestyle before you even walk into a car dealership? Purchasing a car need not stump you for the myriad of choices out there. Trustworthy car dealerships in Baton Rouge or Covington, LA, such as Baldwin Motors, can provide the assistance you need by helping you narrow down the choices based on your objective for buying one. To make it easy for yourself and everyone, do a bit of research on specific models that match your purpose for owning a car. Have a list of automobile brands that you've settled on, and your knowledgeable car dealer can help narrow down the choices for you.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baton Rouge Car Dealerships, Dealers near New Orleans: To Buy or Lease?

Buying your own car can prove to be a very daunting task. The process can be hampered by problems that may arise during the buying process, such as insufficient credit and other financial shortcomings. You may also be plagued by another concern: should you buy or lease? The answer to the buy or lease question will depend on your needs and your individual financial standing. Before you visit Subaru dealerships serving New Orleans and nearby areas, including reputable car dealerships in Baton Rouge, you should first know what these terms mean.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The 2014 XV Crosstrek: New Orleans LA Subaru Dealers’ Popular Offering

For fuel economy, the Hybrid does as well as its predecessor. GreenCarReports.com writer John Voelcker test-drove a Hybrid and found that its fuel efficiency tallied at an average of 31 mpg (miles per gallon), and sporting a 29 mpg on city streets and 33 mpg on wide-open highways. For a Subaru model, this is considered excellent in terms of fuel economy. Feeling excited about it now? Think the 2014 XV Crosstrek is your thing? Then visit dependable New Orleans LA Subaru dealers, as well as dealerships in surrounding areas, such as Covington's Baldwin Subaru, and test-drive a Subaru today.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Safe Car, you Say? Try the 2015 WRX from New Orleans LA Subaru Dealers

Subaru of America President Thomas Doll expressed delight in the selection, remarking that safety is one of their company's key tenets, and the IIHS selection is a testament to their commitment to the safety creed. In fact, the WRX isn't Subaru's only model to be recognized by the IIHS this year - six have been recognized, so far. The raves have only effectively promoted Subaru's cars, sold at local New Orleans Subaru dealers and elsewhere, as among the safest cars in America.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

2015 Outback seen to Debut Big in New Orleans LA Subaru Dealerships

After being introduced-and hailed-in the April 2014 New York City Auto Show, the redesigned Subaru Outback is expected to debut big as well when it hits local New Orleans LA Subaru dealerships and, subsequently, in dealerships across the country. With the array of state-of-the-art features offered in the 2015 Outback, it's not surprising to see how this Subaru can become a big item this year among local Subaru dealerships in New Orleans, LA, as well as in surrounding Subaru dealerships in Baton Rouge and Covington, such as Baldwin Subaru. If you've been wanting to know how it feels inside this sharp engineering and family-oriented vehicle, visit a reputable Subaru dealership in your neighborhood today.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cars for Sale in New Orleans: Make Way for the 2015 Subaru Forester

Subaru's Forester line has always been at the top of the pack among modern SUVs, and the new 2015 model promises to stay true to the tradition, of course with some minor changes that guarantee owners a satisfying driving experience that is total and fuel efficient. So, if you're looking for your next new set of wheels to take your family around as you browse through Baton Rouge auto sales dealerships, why not try the ever-dependable SUV. Why not make it Subaru? When looking at new cars for sale in New Orleans or Baton Rouge from dealerships such as Baldwin Subaru, Covington's top Subaru dealership, think about the 2015 Forester and the sensible advantages it can offer you and your family. Few other SUVs have achieved its level of focus on function, safety, and power.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Checking Used Cars for Sale in Baton Rouge for Possible Flood Damage

There are also a few tests that you can do yourself - for instance, sniff around the interior for a moldy or musty scent. Water damage could also turn wires very brittle, and bending some should confirm whether or not parts of the interior were flooded over. Trust only reliable Baton Rouge used car dealerships, as well as reputable dealerships in the surrounding areas, such as Covington's top Subaru dealership, Baldwin Subaru. When you're in the market for a pre-owned vehicle over a brand new one, you need to do a bit of research and a thorough inspection to make sure that you don't end up with a lemon. Choosing trustworthy car dealers is half the battle won.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Newbie Guide to Buying Used Cars in Slidell, LA: Driving a Stick Shift

If you're a first-time driver still learning the ropes of driving in Louisiana's Camellia City, then it only makes sense to look for used cars in Slidell, LA for your first set of wheels. When browsing through the inventory of dealerships, such as Covington's Baldwin Subaru, which also serves the surrounding areas, you'll have to be clear about one particular matter: choosing an automatic or manual transmission. Even though you're just starting out, don't be afraid of driving a stick shift - it can make for excellent practice in operating your car. Ask your car dealership about which of their used cars in Baton Rouge, LA or Slidell are equipped with this type of transmission.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Look out for the 2012 Ford Focus when Buying Used Cars in Slidell, LA

Whether you're buying your first vehicle to drive it around Slytown, or simply looking to live on your budget for a while, a smart move would be to buy used cars in Slidell, LA. With the help of trusted car dealerships in the area, such as Baldwin Subaru in Covington, which also serves the surrounding neighborhoods, you can find your dream ride without having to pay the steep price of a brand new one. When you're browsing the dealer's inventory, be sure to give a lot of thought to your car model of choice. The 2012 Ford Focus hatchback, for example, is a popular and preferred choice among used car buyers.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Buying Used Cars in Baton Rouge: Why Japanese Cars Lead in Reliability

Accessibility of both vehicles and parts are excellent conditions going for them, too. You can easily find quality cars from a trusted dealer of used cars in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Covington car dealerships, such as Covington's premier Subaru dealership, Baldwin Subaru. In any of these reputable dealerships, you can select the ideal Japanese car from a wide variety of brands and models. With its large inventory of sedans, pickups, vans, and SUVs, Baldwin Subaru in Covington, for one, which also serves its surrounding areas, can offer you the best fit for your needs. As an added advantage, know that an established New Orleans, Mandeville, Covington, or Baton Rouge used cars dealership provides superior after sales service. By purchasing your used car from them, you are assured that they have the resources to address any issues that you may encounter with your car, quickly and efficiently.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Three Easy Steps to Make Buying Used Cars in Baton Rouge a Breeze

Choosing to buy a used car over a brand new one can be advantageous for many reasons. Lower price, lower insurance rates, and not having to worry about depreciation are but a few. Still, there are people who shy away from dropping by at a dealership of used cars in Baton Rouge, simply because they have no idea how to search for a quality used car.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Used Cars in New Orleans: Tips on Financing Your Vehicle Purchase

Buying used cars in New Orleans offers a lot of advantages. Aside from the sizably lower vehicle price, there's the reduced annual registration fee. Sometimes, if you search hard enough, you can find a used car with a running condition that's far better than a brand new car. If you want to save even more, you might be interested in trading in your old vehicle. If you've kept it well-maintained, then your old vehicle can fetch a generous trade-in offer for you. Just be sure to deal with a fair and honest dealer of used cars in New Orleans like Baldwin Subaru to make sure you don't get a price offer that's significantly lower than what your car is worth. You can check the trade-in value for your car by using the Kelley Blue Book website.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Buying Used Cars in New Orleans: Reliability and the Subaru Brand

One Subaru model in particular-the Impreza-has captured the attention of so many car fanatics that it can now be considered a 'cult' car. Four-wheel drive, remarkable boxer engine with low center of gravity, and immensely tuneable-one would find it hard to run out of reasons to love this specific Subaru vehicle. Whichever type you choose-from WRXs to WRX STIs-the Impreza will more than satisfy your fast driving needs. When looking at an Impreza for sale, the first thing to look at is the vehicle's service history. Imprezas tend to be driven hard by their previous owners, so it pays to know that the used car you're buying is regularly maintained. For a headache-free purchase, make sure to buy your Impreza from a reliable New Orleans used cars dealer like Baldwin Subaru.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Baton Rouge Subaru Dealers: How EyeSight® Improves Subaru Car Safety

"Safety responses The images scanned by the cameras are analyzed by the computer, and the system automatically carries out a host of safety responses to the perceived dangers. If the car is moving at less than 19mph, the system slows it down or stops it altogether once an obstacle is seen in the car's path. If the car is moving at more than 19mph, the system will increase the brake pressure. If the car changes distance and speed, the system adapts the cruise speed to maintain ideal distance. It also warns the driver if the car changes lanes without prior warning. Given all these safety features, Subaru cars are among the safest to drive today. So don't hesitate to get yourself a Legacy or an Outback from Subaru dealers in Baton Rouge, LA if safety is your priority. "

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Why You Should Choose a Forester from Car Dealerships in New Orleans

"The Forester's crossover features make it the perfect vehicle for areas with low elevation, uneven terrains and multiple weather conditions, such as New Orleans or Slidell in Louisiana. Subaru car dealerships in New Orleans, such as Baldwin Subaru, continue to highlight crossover vehicles to cater to families that want both the attributes of an SUV and the interiors of an expanded sedan or coupé. The new Forester model marries the speed and power of a sports car, the rugged reliability of an all-wheel-drive, and the comforts and affordability of a spacious family car. It features a flat 4-cylinder engine with 170 horsepower, and generally comes with adjustable headrests in all seats, and 1-touch window controls. Halvorson adds."

Friday, May 30, 2014

Reputable Baton Rouge Subaru Dealers Discuss National Care Care Month

"With the cold months gone and spring in full swing, drivers like you might consider visiting your local Baton Rouge Subaru dealer and buying a brand-new set of wheels. You should know, however, that being a driver isn't just about jumping into your car and taking it wherever you want to; it's also about proper maintenance and ensuring your vehicle's longevity. In honor of National Car Care Month, an article on CarCare.org gives advice on seeing to your vehicle's overall well-being: ""Keep your vehicle clean. Regular car washes and waxes protect the paint and body of your car from corrosive debris. In parts of the country where salt is used on the roads, regularly washing is especially important."""

Thursday, May 29, 2014

2015 Subaru Outback Arriving at Local Baton Rouge Subaru Dealerships

"The vehicle's all drive system also features enhanced torque vectoring and a new X Mode that helps drivers negotiate climbs and descents. The addition of an acoustic laminated windshield and thicker panels around the floor, inner fenders, and elsewhere also make the vehicle a quieter ride than its predecessor. The increased cargo space-- 34.3 cubic feet to 35.5-- is a welcome bonus, and will certainly help you squeeze that last bit of cargo in. The newest Outback is scheduled to arrive at established Baton Rouge Subaru dealerships like Baldwin Subaru in June or July, 2014. Whether you wait till then or choose to have your existing Subaru serviced far ahead of summer, you can definitely face the months ahead with great anticipation."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Visiting Car Dealerships in Baton Rouge? Consider an All-Wheel Drive

"Without a doubt, reputable car dealerships in Baton Rouge have at least a couple of vehicles that feature an AWD system. Thanks to AWD cars, slippery roads won't be too risky for drivers as the high-tech wheel sensors and software immediately detect the possibility of wheel slip. Upon identifying a potential wheel slip, sensors react by activating traction control, which redirects engine torque to the wheels with the best grip on the road, thereby maintaining vehicle stability. These days, if you're in the market for a used or new AWD vehicle, you can simply visit popular Baton Rouge car dealerships like Baldwin Subaru. They have an extensive inventory of cars, so finding the right one to suit your needs won't be such a challenge."

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Clients of Subaru Car Dealerships in Baton Rouge Love a Lasting Legacy

"The Subaru Legacy is a mid-size sedan that was introduced in 1989 and has since sold more than 3 million units. Now in its sixth generation, consumers hoping to experience the Subaru difference can simply drop by Subaru car dealerships in Baton Rouge and choose among the wide range of new and used Legacy models available. Living Up to Its Name When you walk into leading car dealerships in Baton Rouge, LA, such as Baldwin Subaru, you're most likely to spot fourth (2003-2009) and fifth (2009-2014) generation Legacies. Regardless of the changes in platform or redesigns the Legacy went through, however, Subaru ensures that their top-of-the-line sedans remain reliable, appealing, and efficient, making them a practical choice for used-car shoppers as well as a smart option for individuals searching for a dependable family car. "

Monday, May 26, 2014

Top Subaru Dealers in New Orleans Remain Proud of the Boxer Engine

"Boxer engines get their name from their pistons that simultaneously move toward and away from one another in a horizontal plane, much like boxers clashing their gloves together before a fight. Their opposing banks of pistons that reach TDC (top dead center) at the same time is in stark contrast to V-type engines where countering piston movements alternate from bank to bank. What makes it superb? When you ask leading Subaru dealers in New Orleans like Baldwin Subaru why the engines of their vehicles deserve to be in the limelight, they probably have three words for you: balance, power, and safety. The unique design of a boxer engine provides less vibration and a lower center of gravity, thereby allowing for a smooth ride and better maneuverability. Unlike other engines with a perpendicular configuration, Subaru's boxer engines that are positioned in-line with the drivetrain grants optimal transfer of power, thus increasing vehicle efficiency."

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Safety First: Chief Selling Point at Subaru New Orleans Dealerships

"Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, and four of Honda's models earned praise for their crash avoidance technology or basic warning systems. Subaru's Forester, Legacy, and Outback succeeded in 12 and 25 mph collision tests with their autobrake and EyeSight assist systems. All these excellent vehicles are out, new and pre-owned, in New Orleans, LA in Subaru or other car dealerships. The challenge for all car makers, however, is integrating these life-saving technologies into their cars' basic features. Of course, these new devices are just upgrades on top of the basic safety contraptions every vehicle should have: airbags, seat belts, and head restraints, among others, which do stand between you and heaps of steel. Beyond these, look out for the following life-saving gears in any car purchase you make at your local Subaru New Orleans car dealerships, such as Baldwin Subaru, or any car dealerships nationwide."

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Let your Subaru New Orleans Dealer Pitch the Sedan Safe for your Teen

"If there's one thing parents shouldn't scrimp on, it's a good crash protection made part of the car's state-of the art feature. There are, in fact, several reliable cars on the market, new and used, available in auto dealerships nationwide. One of these cars is the Subaru Impreza, which is the IIHS's Top Safety Pick for 2013. In fact, it was the insurance institute's top choice for the past six years from 2008 to 2013. The Impreza is available at your local Subaru New Orleans dealerships. Galvanized by the industry's recognition, Subaru rolled out its 2014 Impreza featuring an upgraded symmetrical All-Wheel Drive that concentrates power on all four wheels to secure a superior grip on snowy or wet roads. The car's exceptionally balanced layout also clinches a more solid contact on the ground, the better for your teen to handle those steeper inclines and harsh terrains."

Friday, May 23, 2014

Subaru dealerships in New Orleans, LA: Dealer's Nod to the Forester

"The Subaru Forester's redesign offers roomier interior with comfortable front seats and more spacious leg room in the back. For a midsize crossover SUV, this Subaru Forester incarnation offers better fuel economy, while enhancing its robust turbocharged engine and retaining its standard all-wheel drive. As expected, the Forester continues to abide by its excellent off-road capability that serves itself up as an ideal vehicle for family-sized, long-distance driving. The Subaru Forester's 18"" powder-coated wheels are also impressive in a sea of small to mid-sized SUVs. Perhaps the reason why reliable Subaru dealerships in New Orleans, LA and dealerships elsewhere, sell this Subaru model quite well is that this strapping, athletic crossover somehow still drives like a car, yet manages to climb through steep elevation, or drive through serious snow-packed roads without anyone taking on any skittish on-steering-wheel drama. A sensible machine that looks like a truck, but drives like a

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New or Used Car? Visit a Baton Rouge Auto Sales Company for the Answer

"Used Cars Used cars, on the other hand, have the advantage of lower purchase costs. While financing terms for these cars may not be as good as for new ones, insurance premiums will generally be lower. Likewise, you will not have to worry about the depreciation costs that new cars incur year after year. There is also a growing preference for used cars, as reported in the auto industry publication, Automotive News. The higher prices of new cars have led to the popularity of leased vehicles, which auto dealers also offer for sale to their customers. With this trend, one can expect used cars for sale in Baton Rouge to be in very good condition to meet the growing and more discriminating demand of customers. "

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Boxer Engine: Plus Factor Among the Used Cars for Sale in Baton Rouge

"The boxer engine also contributes significantly to the well-known durability of Subaru cars. The physics behind the rotational movement of the engine's pistons, combined with the engine's aluminium material, results in a lighter weight that minimizes vibration levels, and consequently, the wear and tear of the car. You can expect a Subaru car to last a long time, making it ideal for a used car purchase. As they say, however, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Test driving a pre-owned Subaru car from one of the trusted Baton Rouge used car dealerships like Baldwin Subaru, will give you a very good idea of how the car's engineering works. Owning a Subaru car, however, is the only way to prove that its engine can ""last a lifetime, if you treat it right"", as many aficionados say. "

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Subaru Used Cars for Sale in Baton Rouge: Reliability on a Budget

"The Forrester, Outback, and Legacy are all AWD (all-wheel-drive) vehicles, which makes them better balanced and ideal for the oftentimes wet and rainy road conditions in Baton Rouge. Despite these mouthwatering features, however, you must ensure that you get the best value for your money by going only to reputable used car dealerships in Baton Rouge, such as Baldwin Subaru. These dealerships' intimate knowledge and experience with Subaru cars can give you the assurance that you are getting nothing less than a used car of the best quality. "

Monday, May 19, 2014

Certified Used Cars in Slidell, LA: What Most Buyers Can Expect Soon

"Among other things, certified pre-owned (CPO) or used cars in Baton Rouge, LA typically enjoy manufacturer support beyond the original warranty. Edmunds.com adds that any true CPO vehicle is likely to have undergone a 100-point inspection in the hands of factory-trained technicians before it is deemed fit to be sold as such. In addition, CPO vehicle owners get to enjoy perks otherwise reserved for new car owners--e.g. emergency roadside assistance, shuttle pick-up and drop-off, and free maintenance. In addition to these privileges, clients can expect no less than exceptional service from a reputable certified pre-owned dealer such as Baldwin Subaru. From the initial inquiries all the way to after-sales support services, such a dealer will ensure that each client's needs are met."

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Family-friendly Used Cars in Baton Rouge: Essential Safety Features

"Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cites traction control and all-wheel drive functions as desirable features in any family car. Traction control does not necessarily add traction on slippery surfaces; rather, it reduces tire slip by reducing engine power and automatically pumping the brake to any wheel that shows signs of slipping. All-wheel drive systems, when used in tandem with traction control, can help prevent wheel slip by enabling optimum engine power distribution to the front and rear wheels. Families in search of the best Baton Rouge used cars money can buy might want to check out the 2012 Subaru Forester 2.5X Touring, which has all of the above features and then some. Armed with additional features like anti-whiplash passenger head restraints, tire pressure monitoring, and child seat anchors, any family lucky enough to own this SUV is sure to enjoy a smooth ride. Dual zone climate controls and reclining rear seats help ensure maximum comfort

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Used Cars in New Orleans: Getting the Most out of Vehicle Trade-ins

"Luckily, you can easily look up your car's trade-in value online. Simply visit sites like Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book to learn about recent trade-in values for similar models within your local market. This way, you can have more realistic expectations and consequently be able to make a more informed buying decision. Market knowledge aside, keep in mind that your vehicle's condition also influences its trade-in value to a large extent. According to the Kelley Blue Book, for instance, salvaged or reconstructed used cars from New Orleans lose about 20% to 40% of their value. In any case, you can boost your chances of a higher trade-in offer by making your vehicle as clean and as presentable as possible."

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Eyes for 2015 Models to Come to Baton Rouge, LA Subaru Dealers

This system- which is built-in on the said models that Subaru dealers in Baton Rouge, LA plan to sell soon - will be most helpful in Louisiana's driving environment. There's a reason why the state has the highest car insurance rate in the country. Aside from poor road conditions, DUI offenses run wild, with more than 700 cases for every 1,000 people.

Introduced in 2010, the first generation EyeSight system proved its worth in preventing potential collisions but suffered from downsides such as bulky hardware. The new generation, Bob Nagy of the Kelley Blue Book writes, will have a considerable edge aside from the reduced hardware size. Here's a rundown on what to expect in the system for chosen 2015 Subaru models.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Subaru Legend Coming Soon to Many Car Dealerships in New Orleans

Steering ratio refers to how much you have to turn the steering wheel to turn the wheels to an angle. A lower steering ratio means a driver can make tighter turns for less sharp steering. The average steering ratio ranges between 12:1 and 20:1; the new WRX can turn 1 degree by steering at 14.5 degrees, an improvement over last year's model.

Overall, the WRX, as with successors to car lines, is a considerable improvement over last year. In fact, it has improved so much that some say it warrants its own line from the Impreza. Subaru's racing heart is still pretty much alive in the WRX, with numerous New Orleans car dealerships like Baldwin Subaru preparing for its arrival.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Baton Rouge Subaru: You're Better Off with a Manual Transmission BRZ

Car dealers like Baldwin Subaru understand that vehicles with good MPG are likely what buyers of used or new vehicles pick in showrooms. Buyers in search of a new Subaru in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and other areas in Louisiana would do well to keep in mind that BRZ Limited models in manual transmission are good choices.

This drive to satisfy customers is par for the course when it comes to Subaru, as exemplified by their newest models. The Subaru BRZ sports coupe, which was created in collaboration with fellow automakers Toyota and Scion, comes in the base Premium and Limited editions. The latter has added features like fog lights and automatic climate control systems


Friday, May 9, 2014

Baton Rouge, LA Subaru Dealers: Best-in-class SUVs and Compact Cars

This comes as no surprise since Subaru has always had a penchant for designing robust, family-friendly, and efficient vehicles. Considering that Subaru graced CR's best vehicles list twice in 2014, there is likely to be no shortage of homesteaders and gearheads alike dropping by Subaru dealers in Baton Rouge, LA, like Baldwin Subaru.

Buyers can then gain access to some of the best vehicles in the industry, as well as benefit from special promos, repair services, and the like from one of the leading car manufacturers in the world.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reputable Car Dealerships in New Orleans Finding You a Power Ride

A BRZ already packs moderately good power for such a small package. Young says the car's normally-aspirated two-liter FA20 boxer engine can churn out 200 horsepower- enough to make the car go from zero to sixty in roughly six seconds. The rear-wheel drive engine being positioned further back in the chassis allows for better handling, especially with a suspension more at home in higher-end sports cars.

That may not be all that established New Orleans car dealerships like Baldwin Subaru can hook you up with. There is news that a special version of the 2015 BRZ is being marked for a North American release. Insiders claim that the BRZ special edition will pack STi labeling and STi-certified upgrades to the suspension and chassis. 


Monday, May 5, 2014

Finding a Competition-Tech Subaru at Baton Rouge Dealers? You Bet!

To this end, Subaru redesigned the Impreza's control systems to properly harness the performance benefits of the Sport Maxx RT. Chief to the changes is the Driver-Controlled Center Differential (DCCD) exclusive to the STi model. A rally modification designed to augment the Impreza's Symmetric AWD system, the DCCD manages the operation of both the limited-slip, planetary gear-type center differential and the electronically-controlled center limited-slip differential. The DCCD will have three settings to further assist the AWD in all road conditions.

Other competition-class modifications are also bundled into the 2015 WRX/WRX STi, such as bigger brakes, tuned suspension, and a stronger chassis. A dealership like Baldwin Subaru in Baton Rouge will always have your best interests at heart- especially when you want something that has been blooded in competitions. 


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why Vehicles from Baton Rouge Subaru Dealerships Attract Many Buyers

A noteworthy safety component common among most Subaru vehicles is EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, which has helped this automaker earn high safety ratings. This feature consists of highly advanced cameras mounted on top of the front windscreen to capture three-dimensional images and thereby spot risky driving conditions. Such a technology should prove handy when driving along Baton Rouge's accident-prone areas like Interstate 10. The safety feature is also designed to apply the braking system should it detect a possible frontal collision.

While other manufacturers boast of luxurious car seating and powerful speakers, Subaru focuses on what matters most, namely safety. Automobile enthusiasts who put safety on top of their priority list can head to reliable Subaru dealerships in Baton Rouge, LA like Baldwin Subaru and take home a car that offers exceptional safety.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Car Dealerships in Baton Rouge: The Benefits of Driving Compact SUVs

 Compared to standard-size vehicles, driving SUVs often meant high air resistance and considerable weight. As a result, some drivers report a dragging sensation when turning on rough terrain. In addition, because of their weight and size, older SUVs often received failing marks when it comes to fuel economy.

On the other hand, compact SUVs from Baton Rouge car dealerships are lighter and are, thus, more fuel-efficient. Drivers can effectively handle small SUVs as they would a car, making these vehicles suitable even for newbie drivers. In addition, compact SUV owners only have to worry about minimal operating costs.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Orleans Subaru Dealers: Subaru Vehicles are the Ultimate in Safety

All of Subaru's models come with a wide range of safety systems and features designed to keep you safe. These innovations not only help a driver avoid an accident (active safety features), they also help vehicle occupants to survive one (passive safety features). These and more are what makes Subarus the definitive vehicles to own.

Nine out of 10 Subarus sold in the last 10 years are still on the road. This attests to the car manufacturer's commitment to exceptional engineering and outstanding safety. Visit New Orleans, LA Subaru dealers like Baldwin Subaru and experience the thrill of driving one of their vehicles today. 


Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Orleans Subaru: Motor Trend's SUV of the Year, the 2014 Forester

What are you looking for in an SUV? Roominess? Power? Comfort? Reliability? The 2014 Subaru Forester has them all in spades. This vehicle boasts several advantages over its counterparts in the compact crossover utility vehicle range. Most important is the Forester's standard all-wheel drive that comes at a lower price than its competitors. Couple that with a roomier cabin and a drastically improved EPA fuel economy and you have a car that's definitely tough to beat.

Get to know the 2014 Subaru at a New Orleans Subaru dealer like Baldwin Motors Subaru and see for yourself what the judges of Motor Trend are raving about.