Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Secret of Subaru’s Success

Historically, Subaru only manages sales which are a mere fraction of its competitors. This year however, the erstwhile auto industry cellar dweller’s numbers have been picking up steadily, making the competition sit up and take notice.

Record year

As of August, 2014, Subaru sales are up 18.6% which is well-ahead of the industry’s 5.1% gain. In other words, the Subaru brand is doing better than the auto industry in general. Officials have touted 2014 as another record year for the company.

 The crossover

What sparked this monumental sales spurt is the proprietary concept of a vehicle with SUV capabilities crammed into a sedan form factor. The result is Subaru’s original bestselling Outback whose sales rose 12% in the previous month. 

Sweet spot

Auto industry analysts agree that Subaru does well because it hits its customers’ sweet spot when it matters, which essentially means the company rolls out a model that answers the public’s needs. As gas prices rose, so did the demand for mid-sized or compact SUVs. The launch of Subaru’s Forrester and Outback couldn’t have been timed better. Another variant on the rise is the XV Crosstrek which is based on the compact Impreza.

Can’t please everybody

Subaru doesn’t strive to make cars for everyone. The company merely wants to focus on niche markets to give them dependability and value in a sleek, glossy package. In a way, Subaru’s secret isn’t a secret at all. It’s something all carmakers have known all this time, but failed to deliver.

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