Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Car Dealerships in Covington, LA Offer Cars with Award-winning Engines

When it comes to choosing cars, one of the first things that experienced motorists look at is the drivetrain, which is a collection of components that drive a vehicle forward. If your car has a good drivetrain, you will get to save on fuel and the car can last longer with minimal maintenance, giving you excellent value for your money. One particular component—perhaps the most essential—of a drivetrain is the engine. Your driving experience depends greatly on your car engine’s performance. In fact, even the life expectancy of your car depends on the structure of its engine. Subaru car dealerships in Covington, LA rightly tout the car brand’s engine as being one of the best ever designed. Its 2.0L FA DOHC H-4 Boxer recently ranked third on Ward’s 10 Best Engines for good reasons.

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