Monday, September 1, 2014

Subaru: A Car Born of the Art of Manufacturing

Subaru is an example of a product derived from the marriage of science and art. The brand’s manufacturer, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., reveals that each Subaru car is the result of the collective passion their engineers have for monozukuri (the art of manufacturing) which other companies seem to lack. The manufacturer’s ideals to provide the world with unique automobiles that come with original technology continue to drive dedication among their employees to bring in innovation to the dynamic car industry that often result in memorable driving experiences for the public.

While cars are created as tools of a convenient way for travelling, Subaru cars have given car enthusiasts a lot more than what they expect in an automobile. Subaru has unveiled countless firsts in the industry, including the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive concept that gave them the reputation for durable, reliable, and safe cars. They are also among the first to put in emphasis in advanced crash safety functions to emphasize that driver safety is their concern and priority.

As the world undergoes rapid changes, many car companies will strive to become fast paced on how they want to address varying consumer demands. Subaru, no doubt, will remain a competitive player in the industry, but will also choose to retain their longstanding tradition that making cars is both a science and an art in itself. Despite evolving social conditions that’s gripping the world, fans of the brand can be assured that Subaru cars are always born of the art of manufacturing.

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