Monday, September 22, 2014

Taking Used Wheels on Test Drives

A pre-owned car can be a backstop option if you do not yet have the money to purchase a brand-new car. Some dealerships that offer used cars in the Baton Rouge area may recommend test driving a certain vehicle you’re eyeing, but how do you go about it? Here are some pointers to help you:

Getting in
When you’re moving towards a certain vehicle to test-drive, study the vehicle’s physical condition before you ever turn on the ignition. Check the tires for cracks and other signs of excessive wear and tear. For the interior, you must probe the seats and upholstery for suitable condition. You will have to test if safety features like the windshield wipers, lights, and the horn are working well.   

On the Road
The road will give you ample opportunities to put your prospect vehicle to the test. For instance: use a long stretch of road to bring the vehicle to a high speed then slam on the brakes; this will help you gauge if the transmission has shifting problems or the brakes still have the grip. Run the heating and airconditioning system through their paces. At the same time, test the windows and the sunroof for air noises; this may indicate a degraded rubber gasket. Practice parking with your vehicle.

It is wise to take the vehicle out for a spin before you commit to buying one. You might be spared some headaches later on. 

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