Monday, May 26, 2014

Top Subaru Dealers in New Orleans Remain Proud of the Boxer Engine

"Boxer engines get their name from their pistons that simultaneously move toward and away from one another in a horizontal plane, much like boxers clashing their gloves together before a fight. Their opposing banks of pistons that reach TDC (top dead center) at the same time is in stark contrast to V-type engines where countering piston movements alternate from bank to bank. What makes it superb? When you ask leading Subaru dealers in New Orleans like Baldwin Subaru why the engines of their vehicles deserve to be in the limelight, they probably have three words for you: balance, power, and safety. The unique design of a boxer engine provides less vibration and a lower center of gravity, thereby allowing for a smooth ride and better maneuverability. Unlike other engines with a perpendicular configuration, Subaru's boxer engines that are positioned in-line with the drivetrain grants optimal transfer of power, thus increasing vehicle efficiency."

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