Friday, May 23, 2014

Subaru dealerships in New Orleans, LA: Dealer's Nod to the Forester

"The Subaru Forester's redesign offers roomier interior with comfortable front seats and more spacious leg room in the back. For a midsize crossover SUV, this Subaru Forester incarnation offers better fuel economy, while enhancing its robust turbocharged engine and retaining its standard all-wheel drive. As expected, the Forester continues to abide by its excellent off-road capability that serves itself up as an ideal vehicle for family-sized, long-distance driving. The Subaru Forester's 18"" powder-coated wheels are also impressive in a sea of small to mid-sized SUVs. Perhaps the reason why reliable Subaru dealerships in New Orleans, LA and dealerships elsewhere, sell this Subaru model quite well is that this strapping, athletic crossover somehow still drives like a car, yet manages to climb through steep elevation, or drive through serious snow-packed roads without anyone taking on any skittish on-steering-wheel drama. A sensible machine that looks like a truck, but drives like a

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