Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reputable Car Dealerships in New Orleans Finding You a Power Ride

A BRZ already packs moderately good power for such a small package. Young says the car's normally-aspirated two-liter FA20 boxer engine can churn out 200 horsepower- enough to make the car go from zero to sixty in roughly six seconds. The rear-wheel drive engine being positioned further back in the chassis allows for better handling, especially with a suspension more at home in higher-end sports cars.

That may not be all that established New Orleans car dealerships like Baldwin Subaru can hook you up with. There is news that a special version of the 2015 BRZ is being marked for a North American release. Insiders claim that the BRZ special edition will pack STi labeling and STi-certified upgrades to the suspension and chassis. 


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