Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top Reasons to go Diesel

Diesel vehicles didn’t get much love back in the day, but with the seemingly endless trend of rising petrol prices, they seem to be enjoying some sort of Renaissance. Here’s why you shouldn’t pass on them the next time you visit your local car dealer:
They’re quieter and cleaner – If you’ve been put off by the alleged noise and pollution diesel vehicles emit, don’t be anymore. Today’s newer diesel cars are equipped with the newest technologies that use less-polluting diesel fuel, which contains low amounts of sulfur, thereby allowing the engines to run as quietly as possible without spewing choking black smoke all over the place.
Max torque – Horsepower is not all that matters when talking about speed. The latter is simply a byproduct of torque—something that diesel engines proudly have. Torque may provide a typical driver the sensation of true speed, but loads of it is required for heavy haulers—a good reason why the world’s biggest freighters use diesel-powered trucks.
Better highway mileage – People with long but continuous commutes or freighters that transport cargo over huge distances can rest easy with diesel vehicles. Diesel engines have long reported excellent MPG in highways, making them a logical choice.
They can hold their value better – The research firm ALG has found out that compact diesel vehicles held about 63% of their total value after 3 years, as opposed to gasoline cars (53%) and hybrids (55%). People looking forward to a resale are technically better off with a diesel.

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