Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Prices of New and Used Cars in New Orleans

Used car prices in New Orleans continue to plummet. It’s been several straight months of dropping as the economy of the city surges. This could be bad news for new car buyers, as auto makers are forced to offer lower lease prices and raise the costs of new vehicles.

The price is not right

In simpler terms, if pre-owned cars are not in demand, car companies will lose money since they are forced to spend on promos that offer lower lease prices. To make up for the loss, they inevitably jack up the prices of brand new vehicles.

Pre-owned is the way to go

Buyers of used cars in New Orleans enjoy a distinct advantage now that lease prices have dropped. There’s no better time to consult established dealerships that carry an extensive inventory of pre-owned vehicles, which includes more than just Subaru models. Since they are dealer-maintained, there is no more guesswork regarding the vehicles’ running condition and repairs history.

Take it for a spin

Aside from inspecting it, test driving a vehicle before buying it is a must. Just because it is pre-owned doesn’t mean it can’t perform like a new model. Remain alert during the drive for unfamiliar noises while paying attention to how the engine sounds during acceleration and climbing hills. Lastly, don’t forget to find out if the dealer offers any kind of warranty and be sure to hold them to it.

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