Monday, December 15, 2014

A Glimpse of Subaru’s Big Future

Subaru has been a vehicle of choice for many Americans since its introduction in 1968. The brawny sedan provided a safe and fast journey for interstate travelers. Several decades later, Subaru car dealerships and elsewhere find themselves selling autos that cater to practically all types of motorists.

Selling like Subarus

2014 has been kind to the auto maker. The company’s sales are predicted to reach half a million vehicles. Subaru officials point out timely product offerings and pricing as well as a strong dealer representation as their success factors. Dealers can attest to this as more and more motorists continue to show interest in what Subaru has to offer.


According to car dealerships, the Crosstrek XV, a new Legacy, a new Outback, and the new WRX are some of the higher-selling models. With appealing designs and dependable technology, Subaru has managed to hold its own against segment leaders such as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. In the compact division, the Subaru Impreza trumps the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic with its standard all-wheel drive.

Formula for Success

Subaru builds cars to perform and endure; impressing prom dates or co-workers are just a nifty bonus. The company is driven by its customers’ needs and safety, and it is this philosophy that has helped evolve Subaru from hippie favorite to industry heavyweight.

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