Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Are You Driving a Dog-Approved Car?

Dogs are family, too! If you have a furry and cuddly companion, then you know that this statement is spot on. Many Baton Rouge dog owners care about their pets as much as they care for their children; for those who don’t have kids, these creatures are treated as best friends and genuine loved ones. Everything is more fun when they’re around, whether it’s going to the park, the store, the beach, or a two-hour drive to the best hiking trail in the area.

You already know that your canine companion adores car rides, but are you sure that they’re safe in those seats? In a recent study, The Center for Pet Safety crash-tested 11 dog harnesses, and the results were extremely worrying: only one out of 11 passed. Some of the harnesses broke in two with the 25-75 pound dog dummies flying through the air and hitting the ground.

While that scenario is something that all dog lovers definitely want to avoid, the test findings will help inform people who only want the best and safest cars for them and their buddies to ride in. For instance, the Subaru Outback has consistently ranked highly on lists of dog-tested cars due to its pet-friendly features such as air vents in the rear seats, and a back compartment designed like a carrier. Such features should be part of any dog owner’s car shopping checklist because when it comes to your furry loved ones, safety should always come first.

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