Friday, December 26, 2014

Six Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car

A used car is a practical choice for fresh graduates who are just starting their careers, and for families who have somewhere else to invest their funds in. Below are reasons why a used car is a great investment:
  1. Sturdier. Recent used models have proven their durability without suffering from exhaust-system, rust, transmission and engine problems. With more regular maintenance, these can go even farther than 100,000 miles without needing major repairs.
  1. Depreciation. There’s no depreciation for used cars unlike new ones which lose value rapidly (around 40% in the first year alone). You can also sell a used vehicle with very little loss on equity.
  1. Safety. When it comes to safety, used cars today of age three years below can still rival brand new cars’ safety features. These vehicles have frontal air bag systems, head-protection curtain air bags, and electronic stability control for a safer ride.
  1. Price. Since used cars are cheaper, you can buy the model you want at a much lower price, or you can even purchase more cars.
  1. Insurance. Many states are increasing registration fees for bigger collections. The charge for car registration is proportional to its transaction price; thus, the cheaper your car, the smaller the fees.
  1. Car info available. If you’re worried about the car’s potential or hidden problems, you can coordinate with companies that produce reliable vehicle history reports. To be sure, opt for certified pre-owned vehicles because these are tested against manufacturers’ standards.

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