Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Living in New Orleans: Why You Need to Get a Car

New Orleans is a city of many distinct neighborhoods. Tourists may not mind going around the city’s main attractions and attending annual events like jazz fests and Mardi Gras on foot. However, for residents, it’s not the same case. If residents want to go from one area to another, they would need an efficient car.

There are many areas within the city that can only be accessed via a car, especially if residents wish to comb through the small towns and natural attractions. Residents living in the suburbs, in particular, can’t solely rely on public transport since there are locales that cannot be reached by bus or any other means of mass transit.
Most residents are also aware of what happens to the city when a hurricane hits, making cars essential. A large part of the city is situated below sea level, and while it is surrounded and protected by an extensive system of canals and water pumps, New Orleans, especially some of its suburban areas are still prone to flooding. Many residents are aware of the potential and prolonged flooding problems these hurricanes could cause.

In such cases, residents will be prompted to evacuate before flooding directly hits them. Thus, having a car means having an efficient way to get out of the city during a storm-related evacuation.

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