Friday, August 15, 2014

Finding an ideal first car for your teen

Most parents have only one thing on their mind once their teenager gets his or her driver’s license: What’s he/she going to drive? Unless they’re willing to share their vehicle, mom and dad need to look for a dependable used car for their youngster. Parents can take a cue from a popular automobile magazine which recently recommended 15 used cars for teenagers.
The cars were selected on the basis of affordability, reliability, and safety. The list includes a good mix of SUVs, compacts, and medium-sized sedans. Some models aren’t what many would typically consider for a first-time driver, but the advanced features of these cars make them easy to handle without sacrificing performance.

One of the recommended vehicles is a 2009-and-up Subaru Forester. Its wide field of vision and all-wheel drive make it safe and easy to drive for inexperienced or new drivers. Standard features include leather trim, keyless entry, cruise control, Bluetooth, rearview camera, sunroof, and navigation, to name a few.

Families who are sold on Subaru used cars in Baton Rouge should consult dealers that exclusively carry the brand. They are in the best position and have the facilities to maintain the vehicle, regardless of age. These dealers can also provide manageable financing, so the youngster can share in the responsibility of paying for the car. When it comes to car ownership, guide your teen on how to start on a good note so he or she is set for life.

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