Thursday, September 10, 2015

Making the Most Out of Test Drives

In buying a used car, you know how important it is to have a feel of the vehicle by taking it on a spin. Generally, test drives have two purposes. First, you’ll want to figure out if you like the model you’re driving in general, especially if you haven’t driven that model before. Second, you’ll want to determine if there are mechanical problems that you have to be aware of. Make the most out of your test drives through the following steps.

Have a Checklist
It’s handy to have a checklist when you’re testing used cars. Your checklist, however, shouldn’t be about the car you’re after, but should rather be a list of everything you loved and hated about your old one. This way, you can have some means of comparison between your old vehicle and the one you plan to purchase.

Visual Inspection
Before you hop in and take the car for a spin, make sure to check the outside and inside for any sign of damage or wear and tear. Check everything, from its paint job to its carpets and floor mats.

Actual Test Drive
As you settle in your seat, take the time to check all the important things, like mirrors, seating position, and steering wheel position. This helps you concentrate on your driving experience as you move along. More importantly, remember to factor in a wide variety of conditions while test-driving the car.

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