Friday, January 23, 2015

Different Types of Car Bodies

If you’re a rookie car buyer, you’ve likely browsed different vehicles on several sites and got overwhelmed with the different types of vehicles out there. Fortunately, you’re reading the right article; here’s a list of vehicles you might consider for their sensible features.
Hatchback – Hatchbacks are vehicles designed with both a passenger cabin and an interior cargo space, which can be accessed via a single, top-hinged door or large flip-up window at the back. Basically, the term hatchback speaks for itself—“there’s a hatch in the back.”

Coupe – Unlike other cars, coupes only come with two doors and either two or four seats inside. When looking at it from the side, you’ll see that the front part looks longer to house a pretty powerful engine inside. Most coupes are typically sports cars.
Sedan – Sedans are probably the most common of all. They are passenger cars with four doors and two rows of seats at the front and back, with a trunk at the back. Sedans are typically the choice for a lot of families.
SUV – Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are bigger than most cars, and often feature the hardiest constructions around. They’re solidly built on top of a truck-like chassis, typically possess four doors and a large cargo bay, while also often intended for off-roading purposes as evident from high ground clearance, big tires, and powerful engines.

Crossovers – Crossovers are essentially “watered” down versions of SUVs. Unlike their cousins, crossovers feature SUV-like looks and cargo capacity fitted on a car-like chassis, which also gives them car-like handling. 

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