Friday, July 10, 2015

2012 Subaru Legacy: A Perfect Car for Travelers

The fun part about buying a car is discovering the features of newer models. Travelers at heart who take days off to roam the countryside, or just drive around the city’s limits, can check out one of the top recommended cars—the 2012 Subaru Legacy. It’s an older model that just came out three years ago, so it still makes an ideal choice, particularly for buyers looking for a used car that could drive nearly as well as a new car.  Here’s what makes the Legacy a proper traveler’s car. 

Roomy Interior

Nobody wants to go on a road trip cramped together in a small car. With the Legacy, you could easily fit a whole family in there with plenty of cargo space, legroom, and head room. It even has split-folding rear seats, useful on those occasions when you pack more bags than usual, or when you’re taking your pets along with you. 

Voice-Activated Navigation System

In the days of old, road tripping finds you with a sort of wingman at your side to help you navigate with a map. However, even with a human navigator, one often takes the wrong turn, and gets lost. Now with the Legacy’s Voice-Activated Navigation System, you’d rarely ever have to lose precious travel time making accidental detours on some unknown roads. There are features—8-inch high-resolution screen, a rearview camera, and streaming music capability—to enjoy, as well as a Bluetooth hands-free phone, which gives a whole new meaning to “hands-free”.

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