Friday, May 29, 2015

Subaru: A Decade of Zero Landfill Manufacturing

To say that Subaru is a green car maker is a bit of a stretch since the brand is not entirely famous for manufacturing electric cars and in fact has launched only one hybrid model thus far. Subaru, however, is the leading car manufacturer when it comes to green manufacturing practices. For over a decade now, Subaru has been building cars with zero landfills. Such a feat is what other big car companies hope to emulate.

Minimal Waste

These efforts began in 2004, back when Subaru’s Indiana plant began rolling out thousands of cars with minimal waste. This was the first manufacturing facility nationwide to achieve zero-landfill status. To manage and reduce waste, Subaru kept track of materials by means of bar-coded containers, which are then weighed and tabulated to keep tabs on the amount of waste produced at each assembly station.

Some items, such as the packaging for engines, are sent back to Subaru’s plant in Japan to be reused multiple times, saving not only on material waste but also on costs. This method of reusing made a great part of Subaru achieving zero landfill status.

Lean, Clean, and Green

If you’re an eco-conscious motorist, then acquiring an excellent maintained used Subaru vehicle that was manufactured with less waste is a step in the right direction. See what top used car dealers in the New Orleans area have to offer.

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