Monday, August 24, 2015

Gulfport, MS Auto Dealerships: Improved Tech of the 2016 Subaru Legacy

Last year saw a major upgrade on Subaru’s Legacy sedan and Outback wagon, with both vehicles having sleeker, more modern looks that were received well by car enthusiasts and completely changed the game for mid-sized models. Despite the positive reaction, Subaru still strives to improve on their vehicles and up the ante of their mid-sized cars, and the 2016 Subaru Legacy is proof of their effort for constant improvement. At first glance, it may be difficult for you to notice the difference between the 2016 Legacy and its 2015 version, since there’s little change done on the interior. The big difference between the two, however, lies underneath its appearance, with awesome tech, upgraded safety features, and an improved infotainment system that all make for an enjoyable and comfortable ride. Enjoy the latest features the 2016 Legacy has to offer from Subaru dealerships that serve Gulfport, MS and other nearby areas.

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