Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tips Test Driving Used Cars

Next to a full inspection, a test drive is one of the most important steps when purchasing a used car. A proper test drive will allow you to assess if the car is in good condition, just by paying close attention to the driving experience.  When test driving a vehicle, here are some tips to keep in mind:

·         Remove Distractions – During your test drive, it’s highly important that you remain focused on the task at hand. For this reason avoid turning on the radio, and put your phone away. You need to keep your ears open for any unusual noise.

·         Shift Gears – This is especially important if you’re planning to buy an automatic transmission car. Take notice if the car shifts gears seamlessly as you speed-up and slow down. You should also test how well the brake system bites by speeding up a little and then rapidly stepping on the break. 

·         Driving – You need to test how well the car fares in certain situations. For instance, do a hard turn and listen attentively to the engine and transmission for any abnormal noise. You should also try driving in an elevated slope, as well as making a U-turn.
With a proper test drive, you’ll be able to easily tell if the used car you’re eyeing is up to the job, so be sure to be thorough about it.

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