Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What to Expect from the 2013 Subaru Legacy’s AWD

Every 2013 Subaru Legacy trim comes standard with AWD. This feature imparts the model with major handling abilities—a main advantage the Legacy holds over its competitors. What can drivers really expect from Subaru’s AWD, though? Here are some of the most noteworthy points:

All Subaru vehicles sold in the U.S. (with the exception of the BRZ) have symmetrical all-wheel drive. This means that the wheel components are aligned in a straight line, from the boxer engine, to the transmission, to the drive train. This symmetry allows for better efficiency and power distribution to all four wheels, helping the vehicle achieve improved traction, balance, and control.

Similar vehicles from other brands are primarily front wheel drive-based that have been re-designed to have an AWD/4WD accessory package. In this system, the output is rerouted many times before it could get to the rear wheels, and its AWD capabilities kick in ONLY when sensors detect loss of traction. Looking at a diagram of this system, you’ll immediately notice how the drive train is unbalanced, with the transmission side axle shorter than the other. It’s like watching a plane with mismatched wings.

Subaru treats all-wheel drive as a commitment and not an accessory. Thus, in a 2013 Subaru Legacy, the all-wheel drive is engaged at all times, and not just there in certain cases. So which system would you prefer in your car?

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